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‘Lower Eastside’ Limted Edition 1style Canvas, Foamboard and Card Art prints.

Canvases are available in various sizes and are produced on pure 100% canvas cotton with stretchers made from natural wood.  Unique style canavs prints with nice vibrant colours ready to hang on your wall.

We print at 1440 dpi (dots per inch) using an 8-colour pigment ink system, meaning sharper, more detailed prints.  In order to increase durability canvases are laminated via heat sealing to protect the canvas from scratches and to make them cleanable with a damp cloth.

Our canvas prints are hand stretched onto heavy duty 35 / 50mm wide by 38mm pine wood stretcher bars giving your artwork presence and durability.  Corner wedges are included standard with all canvas prints, if the canvas will ever require tightening over time (which can happen in some conditions, particularly for large canvases), this can be done by tapping in the corner wedges on the back of the canvas.

Canvas prices from £75

1style foamboard and card prints are produced on high quality materials and ink systems, ensuring our finished product gives a sharper, more detailed print making 1style prints very vibrant in colour and capturing the important details within the artwork.

Prices starting from £35

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