Johnnys Revenege by Johnny Redford exclusive to 1style

1style introduce Johnny’s Revenge by Johnny Redford

Johnny’s Revenge by Johnny Redford exclusive at 1style.  As we come to a close of our first theme titled ‘Lower Eastside’ we are pleased to officially introduce a very talented artist ‘Johnny’s Revenge’ to the 1style family.  We’re very excited to have such a talented individual and artist on board with us who specialises in illustration, animation and graphic novel art.
We can’t wait to showcase his artistic talents on which will include some amazing bespoke and limited edition Canvases, prints and clothing range. Art by Johnny’s Revenge is exclusive to 1style and we would like to take this opportunity not only to introduce Johnny’s Revenge to 1style but to also share this amazing artwork and his contribution to 1style’s ‘Lower Eastside’ theme of Che Rivera (Benjamin Bratt) from the movie La Mission.
Art by Johhny Redford - Che Rivera (Benjamin Bratt) from the movie La Mission
La Mission;
Excellent film about Che Rivera (Benjamin Bratt) who is a powerful man respected throughtout the Mission Barrio for hid masculinity and strength, as well as his hobby for building beautiful classic lowrider cars.  At the same time he’s also a man feared for his street tough ways and violent temper.
Che has worked hard to redeem himself as a reformed and recovering inmate trying to do his best for his pride and joy, his son Jes whom he has raised on his own after the death of his wife.  Che goes through one of his biggest tests when he discovers his son is gay and in a moment of rage Che violently beats his son and disowns him and loses himself in the process.

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